Committed to Quality

WillowBank Alpacas have been and continue breeding some of the finest quality alpacas within the UK. We’re proud of our achievements and quality of alpacas have been born over the past eight years, are selective breeding program has seen some amazing fleece statistics as low 13.9 micron.

We continue to breed with some of the most sough after genetics and hope to continue producing outstanding alpacas making them available to new breeders and established breeders alike throughout the UK.

WillowBank Alpacas have never shown alpacas at shows although we have entered fleece shows in the past and have achieved many a rosette, but showing was not for us, so we decided to concentrate more on breeding the quality that are genetic lines bring and let others take the limelight as our alpacas speak for themselves when viewed, the responses we receive from existing breeders and new breeders that have looked at other alpacas around the UK is a testament to our breeding.

Why not come and see for yourselves or contact us for further information. We ask sensible prices and take further pleasure in watching and helping other achieve their dreams like us, from building a property and living on our land with a viable business breeding alpacas. Its not easy, we won't tell you it is, but the determination and effort you put in to creating your dream, can make all the difference.